SCGP supports Navy SeaBees with rapid up-armor program for civil engineering support equipment

Southern California Gold Products, Inc. (SCGP) has experience in providing up-armor kits to the U.S. Navy under several contracts for the retrofit of Civil Engineering Support Equipment assets. In late 2009 the U.S. Navy came to SCGP with an urgent requirement in support of its Seabees in Afghanistan. When another contractor failed to deliver due to the complexity of the up-armor program, SCGP was once again the “go-to” “can-do” source. The Navy’s program was now behind schedule, and the situation had become critical. SCGP stepped in and built the full requirement of more than 80 units consisting of a dozen different configurations within a 30 day period.

SCGP received consistent feedback that the Navy highly valued SCGP’s ability to support aggressive schedules in conjunction with requirements maturation. SCGP was honored with a U.S. Naval Construction Force (Seabee) award that reads in part, “Thank you for your dedicated service to your country and the Naval Construction Force”. The Navy’s technical point of contact also stated during an awards ceremony that “SCGP has set the standard for up-armoring in the nation.”

The Navy A/B kits were integrated onto a stock cab. This involved welding the armor to the chassis and integrating the armor with the cab controls. The design of the A/B and A/C kits is complex and required SCGP design engineers to understand the existing items’ baseline configurations. For the A/B kits, SCGP personnel designed a method to attach the armor to the cab without the bolts protruding through to the cab interior, greatly increasing operator survivability. Through-bolts can become projectiles when used on inferior designs. This critical survivability feature is an SCGP innovation. SCGP engineers also designed a combat lock that can be locked from inside so insurgents cannot get in, but the lock can be easily pulled from the outside for rescue purposes. As a result SCGP innovations exceeded the design requirements enhancing operator survivability.

About Modular Armor Protection System (MAPS™)

Modular Armor Protection System (MAPS™) is a product of Southern California Gold Products, Inc. MAPS is a laminated steel armor solution optimized for ballistic performance that can be quickly fitted to civil engineering and excavation equipment in-theater or installed stateside. MAPS provides complete protection for the operator when threatened with direct fire, indirect fire or mine blasts. MAPS features transparent armor frames that accept armor thicknesses from 2.5" up to 4" for mission flexibility.

Announcing Quickship MAPS packages for military excavators

Southern California Gold Products now offers stock MAPS™ packages for more than twenty heavy equipment models. These pre-engineered packages enable quick shipping for rapid deployment of Civil Engineering Support Equipment.
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GYPSY RACKS offers versatile stowage and armor solutions for HMMWV

Gypsy Racks, a staple for the USMC during Operation Iraqi Freedom continues to improve the versatility and range of the HMMWV.

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