Southern California Gold Products qualifies armored cab as John Deere Tier 1 supplier

Southern California Gold Products, Inc. (SCGP), the dominant supplier of armor solutions for construction heavy equipment, has produced a 100% successful live fire test result at the Army Test Center in Aberdeen Maryland. The Hydraulic Excavator (HYEX) Program is Green according to industry...

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MAPS™ provides stock and custom armor solutions for construction and material handling equipment. To submit a request, please fill in the information below or call 805-988-0777.

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SCGP is located in a Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUB Zone).
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About Modular Armor Protection System (MAPS™)

Modular Armor Protection System (MAPS™) is a product of Southern California Gold Products, Inc. MAPS is a laminated steel armor solution optimized for ballistic performance that can be quickly fitted to civil engineering and excavation equipment in-theater or installed stateside. MAPS provides complete protection for the operator when threatened with direct fire, indirect fire or mine blasts. MAPS features transparent armor frames that accept armor thicknesses from 2.5" up to 4" for mission flexibility.

Announcing Quickship MAPS packages for military excavators

Southern California Gold Products now offers stock MAPS™ packages for more than twenty heavy equipment models. These pre-engineered packages enable quick shipping for rapid deployment of Civil Engineering Support Equipment.
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Quickship MAPS Packages available:

Based on extensive experience with complex mechanical designs, SCGP was approached by the US Marine Corps to support Operation Iraqi Freedom. SCGP designed a tailgate attachment that enabled HMMWVs to carry extra fuel needed to extend their operational range for the assault on Baghdad.

GYPSY RACKS offers versatile stowage and armor solutions for HMMWV

Gypsy Racks, a staple for the USMC during Operation Iraqi Freedom continues to improve the versatility and range of the HMMWV.

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